Life’s Little Rainbows

When life gets you down, head on over. Together, we’ll see the wonders that our eyes somehow skim over. You’ll marvel at those little pleasures, and discover new things. You’ll get to know the beauty of this world, magic of books, the wonders of music, the absolute spectacularness that exists right in front of our eyes. And best of all, you’ll get to see it through the eyes of someone who knows this beauty best- A Weirdo.

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The night sky…

Hey all!! Today I was just sitting on my roof when I suddenly got inspired to write this! I’ll ramble on a bit, but I hope you’ll like it!! The night sky. Beautiful, isn’t it? It’s like a spilt pot of ink over a dark table, with glowing crystals strategically placed over it for good […]

Basking in Sunlight

Hey everyone!!! Since I had not posted for quite a while now, so I thought that I could give you a long post to make up for it… anyway, hope you enjoy!! Have your ever just taken a moment and basked in sunlight? Doing nothing? Not looking at your phone, shielding it from the bright […]

Why I’m here…

Hi all!! You may be wondering, how I got here, and more importantly , why I’m here. So, Here’s my blogging story- Have you all ever had a lifelong dream? Something that you would do anything to achieve? Something that comes in your dreams, a dream, that’s so good that you don’t want to be […]